There are many aspects of marketing in 2022 that local business owners in Idaho Falls simply ignore. The importance of Idaho Falls web design is one of the most crucial steps when starting a new business or evaluating the marketing campaign for your existing business. If you are not including a website within the overall marketing plan for your Idaho Falls business then prepare to make less sales than the competition. This may sound harsh, but it’s a reality for most local business owners in the area and prevents them from being found online easily.

With the usage of smart phones and tablets on the rise, it’s no wonder that mobile browsing now makes up close to half of everyone searching for local products and services online. I’ve personally seen on many occasions my client’s visitor data and the mobile device statistics are almost always at least 25% and sometimes upwards of 55%. This means that not only do you need to have a website for your Idaho Falls business but it needs to be properly optimized so that your customers can find you no matter what device they are using.

Within the rest of this page I’m going to explain the basics of website design for Idaho Falls based companies and what types of features are offered by Rockstar Web Marketing.

Why You Need An Idaho Falls Web Design Company

Professional Idaho Falls Web Design ServicesIf you own a business it’s highly likely you’ve been called or sent an email by someone who wants to build you a new website or redesign your current website. You may not be sure if you should even have a website or if it will be beneficial to your company in the long run. I’ll guarantee that no matter what Idaho based business you may own and no matter the industry it’s always a good idea to have a website so your potential customers and clients can view information online.
Even if you are a “small time” operation located in an area such as Shelley or even Rigby it’s still important that your website design needs are met. The internet has grown so much that most people on the planet has used it at some time or another, why should you ignore it? Imagine paying for a website one time and having that website help your business attract customers for literally years to come. That one time initial investment could literally achieve a massive return on investment for your Idaho Falls based business.

What Type Of Website Should Your Idaho Falls Business Have?

Any reputable website design company in 2014 and beyond knows that there are many devices in which people can view a website. What I mean by that is a potential customer can view a website on their desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, game console, and a slew of other miscellaneous devices. This may seem like a huge roadblock as a business owner to try and cover your bases but if you’re dealing with an Idaho Falls web developer who is professional they will be well versed in what’s called “responsive design”.

What responsive design simply means is that no matter what size or resolution of screen that a user views your website on, be it a smartphone or tablet even, it will display correctly and allow the user to fully navigate the various areas to view your media and content. That’s how you make sure all local visitors stay on your website no matter what!

Average Price For An Idaho Falls Website Design To Be Created

Website Design Idaho FallsOften times price is a determining factor for business owners when deciding on the website design company to choose within their city. Nothing is different for Idaho or any other state. I could tell you that you shouldn’t budget shop, but you’ve heard the saying before; you get what you pay for. This is somewhat true when it comes to website design in Idaho Falls but there are some general guidelines you can follow in order to be assured you’re not over-charged and you’re not paying for a cheap website built by someone with limited knowledge.

There’s competition of ours in Idaho Falls, believe it or not, that offer websites for less than $300. These “deals” may seem enticing at first but we believe they are doing a disservice to anyone truly looking for a professional website. You’ll get little to no questions answered, little to no customizing, little to no features, and most important of all… these “companies” may simply abandon you and you’re left with a website that you do not know how to edit or manage. Here at Rockstar Web Marketing I’ve personally made sure that there’s never a lack of understanding for business owners and that you know exactly what you’re getting. Yes, our websites start around $1500-2000, but with that you have a free year of hosting included and a free month of updates as well as social media promotions. Most local Idaho Falls websites never exceed $5000 and the average is about $2500. How many other companies are transparent about their pricing?

Many Idaho Falls website design firms will charge you each month for an “empty void” of server updates and maintenance. Well, let me tell you, that’s a load of bull and generally speaking the average website does not have as much upkeep on the server side as you may think. If you want a website developer to change pages, promotions, pictures, and content on your website then that’s a different story. This is where we offer the one free month of updates as stated above. We’ll work with you to make sure your site gets off the ground with a bang! Continued content updates and changes are offered at a nominal fee depending on your needs.

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